Kat dances for Salman, Dubai

MUMBAI: Here’s proof that Katrina Kaif’s becoming the next big thing in Bollywood. Event organisers of a Dubai concert on December 2 featuring Salman Khan and Kat went into a tizz when the actress was diagnosed as having a low haemoglobin count in Mumbai and advised bed rest.

The show, a Salman-Kat Nite featuring the hot couple performing to hit songs from their films, appeared to be a non-starter with the actress left too weak to perform after being in and out of two leading hospitals in Mumbai and being advised not to do any hectic activity like singing and dancing. Salman solo, naturally, would not have the same impact. Besides, people had paid for a double act!

Then began a flurry of phone calls with the organisers pleading with Kat not to let them down. The actress, whose doctors told her it would take three months for the haemoglobin count to return to normal, relented... but said she would not be able perform any numbers; instead, she suggested she take centre-stage, do a mock jig, and wave out to the crowds.

The show organisers promptly agreed. And that is how Dubai got its Salman-Kat Nite. With the actress disregarding medical advice not to go up on stage and dance even if she was paid a hundred crores. Don’t know about crores, but the buzz from Dubai is that Katrina Kaif’s ‘Hi-Hello-I Love You Dubai’ was worth at least Rs 80 lakh.