Kate Moss’ fur fight

LONDON: Kate Moss has infuriated boyfriend Jamie Hince - a staunch vegan - by buying blankets made from rabbit fur for their bed.

Kate Moss' boyfriend threatened to dump her because of a blanket.

The supermodel reportedly infuriated The Kills rocker Jamie Hince - who is vegan - by purchasing a rabbit fur bedspread for the bedroom of her London home.

Jamie allegedly told Kate: "It's me or the dead animals."

A source added: "The latest row came after Kate bought this rabbit fur bedspread. Jamie has been moaning incessantly about it, adamant that it makes him feel sick.

"He thinks wearing dead animals is one thing but sleeping beneath them is entirely another.

"Their argument ended pretty abruptly with Jamie storming off and calling her a 'cow killer'."

Kate is believed to have fur rugs and blankets in every room in her house, and the pair have been clashing repeatedly over her unwillingness to change the furnishings.

The source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Huge conflict has flared up between the pair over what Jamie claims is Kate's disregard for animal welfare.

"He is a strict vegan who won't even touch cow's milk and is horrified by Kate's insistence on wearing fur and having it round the home."

Jamie is not the only person angered by Kate's blankets.

Close pal Stella McCartney - who refuses to use animal hide in her fashion collections - reportedly refuses to visit the supermodel at home, while fellow vegetarian Sadie Frost has also spoken to her about the collection.