Katie Price ready to dump new lover

LONDON: Troubled Jordan is already getting ready to dump boxer boyfriend Alex Reid.

The model - who split from husband Peter Andre 14 weeks ago - has told pals: "He's getting on my t**s.

"I'm sick of him acting like a lap dog. He's been a distraction and he was fun while he lasted but he's not good for me and now I feel ready to move on."

Meanwhile, in the latest salvos in her ding-dong break up with Andre, Jordan has cut the singer out of her will - and has turned his beloved recording studio at their home into a shrine to her business successes.

A close pal of Jordan, 31 - real name Katie Price - told us she wanted to give doting 34-year-old cage fighter Reid the elbow while they were in Spain last week.

But she was worried what the effect would be on the number one love of her life . . . her public image.

"She's frightened about looking like a s***," said the pal. "She's been stung by Peter's criticism and wants to try to focus on being a mum and trying to protect her reputation from any more blows.

"This has always been about companionship for her, not a serious relationship. But it quickly escalated. She wanted to end it in Marbella and is worried Alex has started to get stars - and pound signs - in his eyes."

A snap of Reid pinching her bum as she enjoyed a massage on her balcony has only served to strengthen her resolve to get rid of him.

So she turned to her former holiday flame Anthony Lowther during a series of secret late night calls to the male model. The pal said: "Jordan feels Alex has pretty much served his purpose and she is worried people are starting to think they are a long-term prospect. She has a real soft spot for Anthony. He is everything she is looking for - hunky, gentle, and loving.

"Funnily enough, these are the qualities she fell for in Pete. She still really fancies Anthony.

"He's the one she really wants to be with - and I suspect it won't be long before she is. Katie has started distancing herself from Alex in the last few days because of that."

He's been a distraction but he's not good for me

Things with Reid started to go seriously off the boil when the pair had a bust-up after she teased the boxer by suggesting a threesome with their Brazilian chauffeur. But the real clue to Jordan's true feelings for former Hollyoaks actor Reid came earlier when she BANNED her film crew from travelling with them to Spain because she wants as little footage of him as possible in her hit ITV2 show.

A source said: "Jordan has a sneaking suspicion Alex might try to use her for his own gain when the relationship ends.

"They have been inseparable over the last two weeks and he was with her all through the week when she was doing book signings up and down the country.

"As any friend of Jordan knows, she hates sharing the limelight with anyone. She told the film crew to film him less, and not include much of him in the final cut.

"But Alex doesn't know she has asked them to do this, so there'll be fireworks."

But a friend of Jordan's insisted last night that she and Alex still had a future together. The pal said: "No one is suggesting that this is love's young dream. Jordan can be short-tempered and, yes, he does gets on her t*ts at times. But they are having fun together. Who knows what will happen in the future?"

While Jordan tries to decided whether to kick Reid out of her life, she has also taken a giant step towards cutting her ties with estranged husband Peter too - by writing him out of her will.

Jordan - who wed Andre in September 2005 - has signed a revised legal document making her three children - Harvey, seven, Junior, four and Princess Tiaamii, two - the main beneficiaries and leaving Peter without a single penny. It will be a further painful blow to Andre, 36, who has been forced to admit his marriage is dead in the water.

A source told us: "Jordan feels it is time to move on, and she can't do it if she feels she owes Pete anything. Katie is desperate to get her divorce over and done with so she can move on with her life.

"It's clear they are heading for the divorce courts, and she sees no point keeping him in her will. Of course they will come to some financial agreement where the kids are concerned, but she felt if they aren't married then he should have no right to her money should the worst happen. Instead she's written it all over to her kids."

She has given her ex another kick in the teeth by turning his recording studio in the grounds of her £2.5 million mansion into her den. She told a pal: "It's my office now where I keep my stuff. I walk in there now and I look around and think, 'Wow! Look at all the endorsements I've got out!' I'm such a lucky, lucky girl."

Another of her friends said: "Pete loved his studio and wrote songs for his new album in there. He took his gear away when they split.

"Now it's like it never existed. Kate's crammed it with all her things. She's got all her proudest achievements in there - her books, her awards for woman of the year and celebrity mum of the year."

Saturday Jordan gave a hint of her yo-yoing, troubled love life during a book signing for her latest novel, Sapphire, in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Wearing a blue tiara and dress, she likened herself to the novel's main character. She said: "The book is probably a bit of what I am going through now. "Sapphire is going through a divorce, she's seeing a younger guy, she doesn't trust men, she just got underwear out and she's got a boutique.

"She is just like me really but it ends up being happy."

Saturday night a source close to Reid - who dumped long-term love, teacher Marie Thornett, 29, for the model - said: "As far as Alex is concerned, he is still in a sexual relationship with Jordan."