Mediocre fare

Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra

Genre: Romantic Action

Director: Akash Adhikari

Cast: Aaryan Adhikari, Mariska Pokharel and Prajyolsujal Giri

Being screened at QFX Cinemas


An angry hero who throws himself into fights every chance he gets, a heroine who has just returned from abroad and whose marriage has been fixed in childhood with the antagonist — a predictable storyline with romantic songs and tedious ending — Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra is an average movie.

Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra is about Abhay (Aaryan Adhikari) who falls in love with Shreya (Mariska Pokharel), while Shreya's childhood friend and antagonist Bikki (Prajyolsujal Giri) becomes a hurdle in their love story. Bikki is a playboy who abuses girls for his entertainment. Bobby (Suren Basyal) — Abhay's best friend and Shreya's brother — wants his friend and sister to get married. But one day Bobby is killed and the police arrest Abhay as he is found at the crime scene. However, Abhay is freed as the court can't prove him guilty. Then, Abhay fights to get back his love as well as to find his best friend's murderer.

The story written by Akash Adhikari is not new and some of the plots are not convincing. Though the writer has tried to create a bit of suspense, it fails to excite the audience. The first-half of the film is okay, but the second-half is monotonous as the characters do not evolve fully as they should have according to situation, especially Abhay's character.

However, a few things are refreshing in the film. The film has tried to break the stereotype that the hero has to save the heroine, always — when Bikki tries to hit Shreya, she saves herself without the help of the hero.

Akash, who has also directed the film, has used the flashback technique to tell the story and the scenes are synchronised. The trailer shows that action is the film’s key element but none of the action scenes is fascinating.

Debutants Aaryan and Pokharel are satisfactory. Nothing noteworthy, they have done their parts well. When it comes to their chemistry, Aaryan looks quite old while romancing Pokharel. With his acting and expression, Giri as a psycho villain makes a lasting impression. He has added his own extra flair which is noteworthy. And veteran actresses Gauri Malla and Mithila Sharma have done their job to perfection.

Akash himself has written and directed songs of the film. Following the stereotype of romantic films, it includes one item number and three other romantic and sad songs which aren't great. Songs like Paagal Kasaiko Maayama is soothing while Kasle Rachyo Hola Yo is average.