As a student I often hear that any piece of literature should have the so-called ‘high-flown words’ to make the piece interesting and attractive. But my question is — is that really so?

Let me make myself clear and let me tell you what I’m referring to by saying high-flown words. It simply means words that are considered to be ‘high’. For example, when you feel bad, you cannot simply say so. You have to say, according to the ‘high’ standard, that you feel terrible, appaling, awful et cetera, et cetera.

Do you see what difference a single word can make? But then using such ‘high-flown’ words actually sweep away the real meaning of what you want to express. Isn’t it a block to our freedom that we cannot use words of our own choice.

We can use the words of our choice, but doing so always gives rise to a such comments: “What you have written is childish. Improve your vocabulary.”

All I want to say is whenever you feel like writing something, always use words which give the exact meaning of what you want to express. And never ever run after the so-called ‘High-standard words’.