Keep on rocking!


Venue: 1905 Kantipath

Time: 11 pm

Crowd: 700

Music has always been air for the people of Nepal and the musicians here have been immensely talented, too, be it in terms of performance or zest. The music fanatics certainly had a blast this Friday night with some of the best bands in town performing on a single platform.

The event ‘Celsius’ organised by ABIR saw the launch of the debut albums of two bands at the same time, ‘The Shadows’ and ‘Mad Zone’. Though it was raining cats and dogs, it did not dampen the spirits of the partygoers and the venue was packed with music enthusiasts.

The programme that was supposed to start at around 7, got a little late due to the rains but the crowd never complained.

The show began with the launch of ‘The Shadows’ and their thundering performance which was followed by the performance of the most wanted and most charming ‘Abhaya and the Steam Injuns,’ that just kept the crowd rocking till they drop. DJ B-Man then took over the console and kept the crowd swinging no matter how hard the rains were hitting. He played a perfect combination of the most happening and commercial music.

The event was a star-studded event and saw celebs from different backgrounds coming in to enjoy the night. From 1974 AD, The Uglyz, Preeti Kaur, Sudip Giri and Nirnaya to various RJs and VJs from all around town, all could be seen swooning to the musical ambiance f ‘Celsius’ that went on till 2 in the morning. ABIR has certainly come a long way in terms of offering the best of entertainment in town. Keep on rocking folks!