Kendra Wilkinson's latest hank

NEW YORK: Kendra Wilkinson has decided to call her unborn son Hank Baskett IV after the little boy's father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Kendra Wilkinson has already named her unborn baby.

The former Playboy Playmate - who is married to American footballer Hank Baskett - have decided to call their son Hank Baskett IV, after the little boy's father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Writing on her blog, Kendra said: "Hank and I have soooo much to do to prepare for our baby's arrival, but one thing we can already cross off our list is coming up with a name. We've already decided to name our son Hank Baskett IV!!!

"Hank's dad and his grandfather were both named Hank, so it was very important to us to carry on the family tradition. I can't wait to meet my little Hank."

Earlier this week, Kendra and Hank were thrilled to discover they were expecting a little boy during a routine scan.

The 24-year-old blonde said: "I just left the doctor's office and I couldn't wait another minute to tell you guys. Hank and I are having a baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!! When the doctor told me I was just like OH MY GOD, I'm going to have a son!!!!! Today is certainly always going to be one of the most memorable days of my life!"

The couple's baby is due on Christmas Day (25.12.09).