Kidman makes embrassing mistake

HOLLYWOOD: Nicole Kidman has made an embarrassing mistake in front of photographers on the red carpet in New York - she posed with powder all over her face.

The actress suffered the make-up faux pas at the premiere of her latest film Nine.

It appears the loose powder used to matt the face had not been blended in and was clear for all to see around the eyes and nose.

The mother-of-three had made an effort with her appearance in other departments, wearing a low-cut Prada prom dress with immaculately groomed hair.

She plays film director muse Claudia in Nine, which was shot in Italy just four weeks after she gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose.

On landing the role Nicole credited her post-baby body saying: "I had big boobs because I was breastfeeding - I was perfect for it. I wouldn't get cast now."

The movie's leading man Daniel-Day Lewis was also in there, the only female cast member missing was Sophia Loren.

Other stars to make an appearance were Madonna with daughter Lordes, Kidman's actress friend Naomi Watts, millionaire twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer and Goldie Hawn.