Kids bring out Mads’ fun personality


Motherhood has made a world of difference to Madhuri Dixit. From being a polite but almost aloof entity on the sets, she has become really gregarious.

“Children do that to you,” she said. “My sons have made me a fun person.

Besides that, all the experiences that you go through in life make you mature enough to realise life

doesn’t have to be taken seriously all the time. My sons keep me on my toes,” Madhuri said.

She recently wrapped up her comeback film Aaja Nachle. Her children were with her throughout the shooting of the movie.

“I made sure I shot the film during their holidays. I couldn’t possibly leave them behind in the US. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my work. But this way I was very relaxed.” She says she could shoot for the film peacefully because of the constant support from her family.

“And if I didn’t have the support of my children, my husband (Sriram Nene), my mom and my other set of parents, that is my in-laws, I wouldn’t have done it. They came down to India

twice during the shooting. And my mom was with

me throughout. My husband Ram was down in Mumbai twice because he missed the kids and the kids missed him.” Madhuri now has her fingers crossed for Aaja Nachle releasing in November.

“Aaja Nachle has spoilt me. Yash Raj treated me with such care. Now what I do next will depend a lot

on what’s offered to me and where we shoot. But the script has to be something special.”

Madhuri may do one film a year.

“Maybe even less. But I wonder if the experience would be as pleasurable! And if my kids have kept me relaxed, the entire crew of Aaja Nachle has been an inspiration and delight. I guess I’ve been lucky. And I guess I was always very professional. I always got the right opportunity at the right time.”

And now home and career, in that order, are her priority. — HNS