Kimchi and lots more


When one thinks of Korean cuisine, it is definitely mouth lips smacking kimchi. Believed to have originated in Korea around 7th century to store vegetables for the winter season, over the centuries, the salted vegetables have turned out to be the irresistible hot-and-sour and tangy that we know as kimchi today.

It has already become a fetish among Nepali gourmands since it arrived the country.

Villa Everest will be serving you authentic Korean cuisine at THT Food Fest.

“Mutton bulgogi, grilled/fried mutton in Korean style, will be our new addition this time,” said Ang Dorje, proprietor. He is betting that this new dish will leave the foodies of the city coming for a second and third helping. The way he is so enthusiastic about this dish, we expect many more to ask for more helpings to be packed to be carried home to dear ones.

The other dish that can give the mutton bulgogi tough competition is the chicken barbecue.

For the veggies, there is kim bab, which is rice and vegetables packed in a layer of seaweed. This goes awfully well with the tangy kimchi.

Then there is thigim, which is a colourful mixed bag of vegetables and it actually tastes even better than it looks. “It is crispy, tasty and healthy,” said Dorje.

On your plate

• Kim bab: Rs 50

• Mutton bulgogi: Rs 100

• Chicken bulgogi: Rs 80

• Thigim: Rs 50 Kimchi complements each item