KJo to make pa proud

MUMBAI: Karan Johar these days is counting days for the arrival of his ambitious film My Name Is Khan. While the film is hogging the limelight currently, rumours are rife over KJo’s next projects. However, the film-maker retorts that although he can’t churn out movies like a machine, he assures to start another film this year.

Johar confirms the plans to bring a remake of Agneepath, a news which was making its round earlier. The

director went on to reveal his actual intentions to bring out the film. He

is keen to revive the film as a tribute to his father. Said Karan, “The film didn’t work at the box-office when

it opened almost two decades ago and my father, who was very vocal that Agneepath was one of his finest films, always felt that the film never got its due. He would often prod me to remake Agneepath some day,

so here I am, fulfilling my father’s wishes.”