Knowing more about Aussie varsities


The Grand Australian Education Exhibition organised by Alfa Beta Institute was inaugurated on March 13 at the new premises of the Alfa Beta Complex in New Baneshwor. The exhibition is being held on the 15th anniversary of the institute and establishment of its new building.

Around nine different universities and colleges from Australia are participating in the exhibition which is being held on March 13-14.

According to Udeep Khadka, Senior Business Development Officer, Alfa Beta, “We are expecting around 4,000 students and the turnout has been quite good. Despite students having exams, a large number of students has shown up, which shows their interest.”

He added, “Colleges offering a variety of courses are taking part but the ones that students are mainly interested in seems to be those offering Commerce studies.”

Students have the advantage of having one-to-one interactive sessions with representatives from colleges, attend seminars and even get on-the-spot admissions.

“I think the major attraction for most of the students has been the free IELTS classes we will be giving them if they do the processing to go to Australia for studies,” said Khadka.