Korean flavours


We had gone to listen to traditional Korean music, but were surprised (and pleasantly so) when the musicians played the evergreen Nepali tune of Resham phiriri. And what was more amazing was that the team had been in Kathmandu for a total of just three days.

Music concert Kang Eun Il Haegumplus Rememberance of Future was organised by the embassy of the Republic of Korea in Nepal at the Birendra International Convention Centre on July 6. So impressed and enthralled was the audience that there were requests for the team to play again.

South Korean ambassador to Nepal Nam Sang-Jung, and our minister for tourism Pradeep Kumar Gyanwali, inaugurated the concert.

The star of the concert was Kang Eun Il, one of the most talented haegum players in Korea. The haegum is a Korean two-stringed music instrument regarded as one of the most versatile instruments for the variety of tones it produces. In the concert, sounds of haegum was combined with sounds of the piano, classic guitar, bass and percussion, and many other instruments to create a calm, gentle as well as powerful tones. Il is known for broadening the scope of the haegum by blending Korean music with various other kinds of music.

The team comprising 11 members started with traditional Korean music in which a little Korean girl dressed in the Nepali Gurung attire lent her vocals.

As the concert progressed, Il performed both traditional and modern forms of Korean music explaining the feelings she was trying to express through that particular piece of music with the help of an interpreter.

After every performance, she stood up to greet the audience, and the audience reciprocated with applause galore. ‘Circus’ explaining the sorrow of circus workers who perform dangerous stunts to please their audience, was well received. The audience even started clapping and tapping at this fast dance beat.

Each team member in turn got the opportunity to show off their talent and mastery over their respective instruments when she played ‘Summer Time’.

It was a wonderful evening, with a flavour so different that it will remain with us for a long, long time, and the hospitality shown by the hosts was much appreciated by all.