Korean tunes for Nepali ears


Pokharelis — known for their love for music be it popular, folk, dohoris or remixes, got a dose of soulful music from Korea on the evening of February 3 at the Lakeside Honeymoon Restaurant.

A group of artistes from South Korea performed melodious Korean songs that wished for the end of violence and restoration of peace in Nepal. The lyrics of one of the songs presented by the singers literally meant ‘Let peace prevail in Nepal, the home of ambassador of peace, Lord Buddha’.

Well-known South Korean singer Kim Sung Yan presented a dozen songs wishing for world peace.

The audience that comprised the locals as well as around two-dozen Korean nationals were quite enthralled by the performance and the calls for “Once More” kept erupting from them.

Korean tourist Jun Ho

Yang said he was quite delighted to hear a Korean artiste perform in Nepal.

He added that everyone from their sectors must contribute towards peace restoration in the country.

Another Korean tourist, Kim Lee said more people from Korea would visit Nepal if the ongoing conflict in the country ended. He added that the tourists mostly visit Nepal for her natural beauty and cultural diversity, and that is why peace is most essential to increase the number of tourists coming here.

The Korean cultural team comprised eight national artistes including a professor at Seoul National University, representative for Korea of Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Him Bahadur Karki said.