Kruger begged for role with Tarantino

LONDON: Diane Kruger begged Quentin Tarantino to let her appear in his new movie.

The German actress was desperate to star in the legendary director's latest offering, 'Inglourious Basterds', but knew she wasn't the first choice so took extreme measures to secure the role.

She said: "I fought for the part. I knocked down doors. I wasn't meant to be in this movie at all - Quentin in fact had someone else in mind, and for whatever reason that didn't work out, and then I finally got to audition and that was it.

"I literally had to fly myself from New York to Berlin to beg for this part."

Diane also revealed Quentin wasn't keen on hiring her as he wanted an authentic German actress - even though she was born in the country.

She said: "He didn't believe I was German. My name is German but I also feel like I am commonly known as German. I was born in Germany and so forth, but he just felt like my English was too good and he really wanted authentic people, he didn't want an actress who just sort of had German roots, you know what I mean?"