Kruger turned nasty for Basterds role

SYDNEY: German actress DIANE KRUGER almost missed out on her role in Nazi vengeance drama INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - because director QUENTIN TARANTINO was convinced she was American.

Kruger plays a movie star in the new war movie, but Tarantino initially skipped over her bid to be a part of the film - because he felt she wasn't German enough, and he wanted his actors to be authentic.

The 33 year old was born and raised in Germany, but the cult director refused to see her as he thought she hailed from the U.S.

She says, "They eventually convinced him I was actually German. But he still wouldn't see me because he didn't think I could be strong enough to play this character."

But Kruger was determined to land the part - and used some unusual tactics to convince Tarantino she was the right person for the job.

She adds, "I can be really obnoxious when I want something badly - like a part in Quentin's movie."