Kutcher discovers ‘gay’ friendships

London: ‘Punk’d’ star Ashton Kutcher says he never met a gay man until he left his hometown Iowa. So when he moved to New York he received a culture shock as he discovered that many of his new friends were gay. Kutcher, who is in a relationship with Hollywood actress Demi Moore, revealed: “When I left Iowa and went to New York for the first time I felt the intense and non-stop physical energy that New York exuded. And I also met a lot of people who I didn’t realise were gay. “When I’d found out that someone I’d become friends with was gay, I’d be like ‘Wow! I really didn’t know that. I thought he was just a nice guy’.” Despite his initial shock and cultural upbringing Kutcher insists he didn’t let his surprise spoil any of his friendships. — HNS