Lady Gaga too odd

LONDON: Lady Gaga is too odd to be cool. The 'Poker Face' star insists that despite her huge fame and chart successes, she still feels like an outsider - but is happy that way.

She said: "I'm kind of the odd person out in general. I don't really like hanging out with celebrities, and I don't fit into that world, as I sort of keep to myself. So in a way, even in the new group of cool kids and the pop music world, I'm still the odd girl, but I'm OK with it; I like being the odd girl now, it's where I live."

The singer also said she finds it disrespectful if people call her by her real name, Stefani Germanotta.

She added to the Kansas City Star newspaper: "My realisation of Gaga was five years ago, but Gaga has always been who I am.

"I don't appreciate when people call me Stefani, because if they don't know me, I feel like it's their way of acting like they do ... they're completely ignoring my creative existence.