Last Christmas I gave you my heart!

You not only open presents on Christmas but you also open your heart to love. We all give our hearts to

someone more often than not. TGIF finds out whom these well known faces gave their heart to around the same time last year:

Gaurav Pahari, Actor

Last Christmas someone broke my heart. I was shooting in Jhapa for my movie when suddenly I got a call from my then girlfriend. She said that she did not want to be with me anymore. We were together for three years!


Bina Ghale, Fashion Designer

I’ve been giving my heart to the same person every year for many years now and he is still keeping it safe with him.



Rista Adhikari, Actor

To be able to give my heart to someone on Christmas has always been a wish Santa has never fulfilled. I’ve been an exceptionally good girl this year and I hope Santa agrees and grants me my wish!


Smriti Pokharel, Singer

I gave my heart to Dr Girish Sharma last Christmas and I’m in love with him ever since. And, I intend on letting him keep my heart forever!



Deeya Maskey, Actor

I celebrated Christmas with my husband for the first time last year. Now my heart will be with him every Christmas for the rest of our lives.