Laugh lines

A doctor asks his patient, “Did you take my advice about insomnia, and count sheep when lying in bed?”

“Yes”, the patient replies “I counted up to 85,453.”

“And did you fall asleep after that?”

“No. It was time to wake up.”

2. A judge looked sternly at the alcoholic defendant in his courtroom and said, “Young man, it is alcohol and alcohol alone that is responsible for your sorry state.”

“Thank you so much, your honour”, the defendant replied. “Everyone else says that it’s my fault.”

3. A father asks his son, “How are your grades, my boy?”

“Underwater, dad”, his son replies.

“What does that mean?” the father asks.

“They’re below ‘C’ level.”

Compiled by Marc Shawn Daniel, Pennwood Academy

What are shooting stars?:

Shooting stars (scientifically named meteors) have always aroused the curiosity of human beings. Some people say that if you make a wish when you see a shooting star, that wish will come true.

In actuality, shooting stars are small, solid bodies that travel through space. When they come in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere, their solid mass produces friction with the Earth’s atmosphere, and they leave trails behind them. Scientists say that “shooting stars” fall on the Earth’s surface everyday, but the bulk of them aren’t noticed as they fall into water bodies. Astronomers say that these meteors are pieces of broken comets, and that swarms of these fragments move in regular orbits through space. There is one particular swarm of meteors that crosses the Earth’s path every 33 years.

Compiled by Marc Shawn Daniel, Pennwood Academy