Laughter rules


It was a day of fun, colours and laughter, a day to shed your inhibitions and let your funny side take over at the Goethe Zentrum on February 23 as people celebrated the Karnevalfest.

Karneval, as it is known in Germany is celebrated every year as the festival of laughter.

The ambience was highly spirited and flowing with energy. It was quite a sight to see people decked in red, yellow, green and blue with their faces painted. The had come for the festival dressed as friendly clown, frightful monster, a mummy wrapped in bandages, men dressed as women, beggars, and some which were just too hard too figure out.

Everyone — old and young — had a merry time. The free chocolates that a clown was throwing from the balcony sent everyone into a frenzy.

Dressed in bright colours, Norbert Meyer, Counsellor, Deputy Chief of the German Mission here, who was celebrating the festival first time in Nepal said, “It is really outstanding; seeing that life is not easy here nowadays, to see the good mood, it is amazing.”

One of the participants Rekhan Rawat, who was in an usual yet eye-catching eye catching get-up explained, “From the front I’m a pregnant woman, while from the back I’m a male. It took me about half-an-hour to get ready.”

Michael Chand, Director, Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu said, “We organise this festival so that our students who have been toiling so hard throughout the year get a chance to forget their worries and the problems they are facing for at least a day and enjoy themselves.”