Learn DJ-ing basics, add some Hip-hop jerks


Our youngsters are hip, they are trendy and they are second to no one. And with Kathmandu earning a name for itself as being one of the coolest party hubs in South Asia, it is no wonder that DJ-ing should garner interest among the yuppie crowd.

For all those wanting to try their hand at this art of making others dance to their music, here’s a chance to really get to learn the art. DJ Rulz, who recently conducted some classes, will be holding a 6-day crash course on basic DJ-ing at the Radisson from October 11.

“I have spaced it out in such a way that students who enrol for these classes will get to know the basic idea of what is DJ-ing. I will be teaching them the technical uses of the equipment, and they will be playing on CD and by the end they will know how to mix beats,” says the DJ.

Dedication and love for music (and not necessarily a knowledge of music) are the vital ingredients that make a good DJ, he says.

Along with the basic DJ classes, a Hip-hop dance class will also be held by Sritheren , who has been into the profession for the last three years and runs a dance studio DF3.

“I will basically be teaching them the ‘jerk’, a 25-step one-song choreography. For the boys, there will be shoulder stands, hand stands among other steps, while it will be a little different for the girls. Though they are more graceful they will have to work a lot more,”

says this dance guru, but promises that by the end of his course the students will be

able to “move to any kind of music”.

(Registration forms available at Radission; Fee — DJ classes Rs 12,000; Hip-hop dance Rs 3,000)