Learning how to be happy

I have a little recipe that isn’t hard to make But you must always start as soon as you awake.

Take a great big mixing bowl and fill it with a smile.

Mix half a cup of sunshine with good deeds to last a while.

Add a pinch of work and play, a pinch of thoughtfulness and care.

But don’t bake it in the oven, just spread it around everywhere.

One of the reasons there is so much unhappiness in the world is that the whole subject is so

misunderstood. What is happiness? That’s a never ending question.

Part of the problem is there are too many poetic but unrealistic answers. Sitting on a hillside on a beautiful sunny afternoon is a pleasant experience but it is not happiness — unhappy people sit on hillsides too.

The advertising world is also part of the problem. They would have us believe happiness is drinking ice cold Yum Dum Cola. The concept of happiness has been trivialised beyond recognition.

Einstein accomplished what other scientists claimed to be impossible, he defined the entire

universe in a simple formula E=MC2. For this enormous feat, he won the Nobel Prize in l921. To this day, it holds as an unimpeachable definition.

Let us attempt the same for happiness. ‘When the human mind is at peace, the person is happy.’

Anger, fear, distrust, frustration, anxiety, worry et cetera are all causes of unhappiness and all have the same effect — they attack the peace of the mind. When the human body is being attacked by a disease, we feel pain and then react to the pain, we usually take some pills. When the mind is attacked by anger or fear we become unhappy. Sad but largely true.

Okay, so what’s the point? I really believe we have to find a solution to this ‘time’ monster sucking the life

out of our society but in

the meantime, we have to face facts. To give up working on our happiness because we do not have the time, is not a solution, it just adds to the problem.

Do not try to block out time to work on happiness — learn to do it on the run, couple of minutes here and couple of minutes there.

Work it into your day — bring it up as a topic of conversation at lunch or dwell on happiness while driving to work. Move happiness into the mainstream.

The rewards are worth the effort!

Every minute of every day, there is some outside influence trying to tell me what to do. Think of all the places advice is coming from: newspaper, mother, father, TV, government, preacher, husband, wife, boss, close friend and on and on. It is not that any of the advice is evil — much comes from loved ones — but it is so different. Either we are in control of our

own minds or we are

controlled by a hundred uncoordinated influences. So take control, make

your own decisions — accept the mistakes you are bound to make or go the other way. — Author Unknown