Learning the mountaineering ropes

On January 4, students of classes VIII and IX of Shuvatara school headed for Darjeeling on a trip organised by the Himalayan Mounteneering Institute (HMI). The students got an opportunity to know about their mountaineering abilities and potential.

The HMI was a school as well as a home where we had to abide by strict rules and regulations and at the same time we were strengthened in a loving familiar and caring environment. Here we learnt the real meaning and value of discipline in life.

The scenic beauty of the training areas, famous tea gardens and enchanting view of the Kanchanjunga made the trip a memorable one. A 15-day adventure course was designed on the pattern as outward bound courses in Western countries. It provided a stimulating experience of physical outdoor pursuits such as trekking, camping, rock craft, obstacle race, patrolling and water sports.

The course installed in us a sense of camadarie, discipline, selflessness, service to community and concern for environment protection.

— Alisha Manandhar, Class IX, Shuvatara School