Learning to be a better person

A loving nature is something that I have inherited from my father. His politeness towards people has encouraged me to present in the same way in front of others. Good moral character and well manner shows ones personality. Being in best behaviour has really worked for me. And this encourages me to do much better in the days ahead.

— Rubin Maharjan

As my father was associated with the music industry, my child hood was spent in musical environment. My father is a musician so, there are many instruments like guitar, violin, and piano and I use to play with them so I wish to join my father’s profession. My father is very honest and is respected in the society. I am very proud to have such a father. So,

the only one trait that I have acquired from my father is the passion for music and

it has played a great role in my life. This ability to be able to play musical instruments has got me many praises from my teacher and my elders too.

— Samikshya regmi

The best trait I have acquired from my father is discipline, which has cultivated sincerity and responsibility in me. I am sure that it will help me to get success, name and fame in my life. I am very grateful to my father for teaching me discipline in life. I would like to express my heartfelt love and respect to my father on this great occasion of father’s day.

— Pooja Dahal,

Surunga, Jhapa

I share my birth date with my father but we aren’t completely similar. I’ve always respected him for the strength he posses and that’s the thing he has passed on to me. We all face problems but getting your whole family through the tough phase without letting them suffer even a bit requires a lot of wisdom and strength. So I adore my father’s strength with which he tackles the problems and in the end make us all happy and content. That’s the reason why even when I have so many hurdles in my way I act with all the strength I can muster and not let anyone see how scared I am from within. This is the one trait that adds the most to my personality and I am very proud of it, also that’s when I feel I am my daddy’s girl.

— Sneha Pokharel

My father is my inspiration. One thing that I have acquired from my father is to be happy all the time. He tries his best to make us happy. I am lucky enough to have the same characteristics in me. Obviously, being happy and cheerful brings a charm in our face, which even makes others feel good. As far as I am concern being cheerful has helped me to co-operate and co-ordinate with others.

— Dipesh acharya,


Being a son of police officer, one trait, which I think I have acquired from my papa, is discipline. He always encourages me to be disciplined as he thinks it is an asset, which everyone must bear to be successful in life. I am an obedient student in the eyes of my teachers,

good among friends, better than other children for my relatives and best

son for my parents. It’s all because of discipline that I am obedient student

and a good friend. All the credit goes to my papa, as he is the one who

taught me to be disciplined in every step of life. I want to wish him a happy father’s day and want to say that he is the best dad in the world.

— Yogesh Upreti,

Kathmandu University

High School

My father is punctual, disciplined, diligent, patriotic and helpful. What I learnt from my father is to first inculcate good habits and then try to implement them. This is the secret of his success.  When I follow him and try to emulate his success, I really feel successful to great extent. Because he is an exemplary father and he always supports me and inspires me to do better in everything.

— Bikash Bohara

I think that my father Subarna Ratna Shrestha is a very nice, successful and a good father. And I am proud to be his son. I also respect him very much. I have learnt to be nice and good person in life from him, which I believe, enhances ones personality. On this Father’s day all I want to say to my dad is ‘you are a very special person in my life.

— Sudin Shrestha

Educated yet unfamiliar with the outside world, that’s how my father is, his innocence and gentleness have changed the lives of the people around him. He always lives in his simple and sombre world he has taught me how to take pleasures from the small things in life and that’s what makes me a happy person most of the times. I am a sales person and to be one you need to have a bright smile and positive vibe when you are dealing with customers and I have learned that from my father, I know dad you can’t read this but I still want to salute you from the bottom of my heart.

— Sameer Khan, Pokhara

One quality that I acquired from my father that enhances my personality is being a religious person. He is a very religious person so he has got numerous religious books especially about Hinduism. He regularly goes to temples as well as observes all the festivals with great pomp. In other word, he is like a saint living in a society. So I developed a great quality of being a true devotee of Hindu religion. As we all know that nothing can build a pure character than a true religion.

— Dhrub Maharjan

Every father is a hero to his son. One trait that I have acquired from my father that enhances my character is to move ahead each time. He taught me how to follow my objectives with perseverance, but the most important thing that he taught me how to do this without hurting others or by putting them behind. I look at my friends and can’t resist the temptation of comparing them with my father, because although they are younger they don’t have 10 per cent of his inner adolescence and aren’t capable

of looking at the world

like him. At the same time he is very responsible and trustworthy. I may be spoiled but I’ve always recognised my father’s effort in giving me always the best, but I’m not arrogant, thanks to my dad for that. I’ve learnt that good sense and appropriate arguments with a little bit of humour is the best way to be.

— Sauhard Bajracharya, Battisputali 

I think the only one trait that I’ve acquired from my father is being like a father. My father takes the greatest responsibility in the family. He is gentle, smart, hard working and always cares for the family. This always inspires me to be serious, careful and responsible like my father. So my characters have been greatly influenced by my father’s motivation, devotion and morality. On the other hand, I’ve applied my father’s traits into other fields such as in education, games, etc. and I’ve always been successful. This has obviously given positive points regarding my personality.

— Sonam Yolmo,

Helambu, Sindhupalchok

When the world goes out the only person who comes to my mind is my Dad. I don’t mind walking through rough paths in my life to reach my goal. And I dare to get what I want despite the opposition of the world. I am I because of my Dad because of his warm nourishment, because of his trust upon a daughter and above all because he’s a perfect Dad. High self-esteem, confidence, individuality, optimism and warmth are what I have inherited from my Dad. I can never say how much I respect you Dad. I simply love you. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.

— Sabeena Maharjan

The trait I have acquired from my father is the belief, ‘All the strength I want is within myself’. The trait I acquired adds to my personality as a great boon from God. He says to be perfect, I have to stand up, be bold and be strong; I have to take the whole responsibility on my shoulder and know that I am the creator of my own destiny. All the strength and support I want is with in myself and that helps me to reach my goal.

— Sujan Bohara

The trait I acquired from my father is being indifferent and that I think has enhanced my character. He never assisted and interfered in my work and decision. In the beginning, I had faced hardship and was helpless but later I learnt to face challenges and manage things on my own. Due to all these, I became much more confident and independent than my friends.

— Khushi

We both are similar. We love laughing and make others laugh. We like to contribute to people who are in need. When we are angry we don’t talk to anybody. These are the traits which I have acquired from my father.

— Riya Shakya

My father and I are similar. We are very punctual. Our thoughts are also same. We are both very funny. The main aim of our life is to be happy and make others happy and help those who are in need. This is the one trait that I have acquired from my father and adds my personality.

— Sophiya Maharjan

Some trait that I have acquired from my father that I think enhances to my character is controlling my anger, if I can control my anger I think everyone will love me. Another one trait that I have learned from my father is keep trying until I succeed, if I try hard enough I could be a doctor or any thing else I want.

— Saja Shakya

My father is a man who respects elders. He has tried to build up the same character in me. This is the greatest trait that I have acquired from my father. It greatly enhances my character because showing respect to elders is a way of learning various things concerned with improving our character. Personality can be best described as socially attractive qualities, which we can acquire by respecting elders.

— Sajan Pyakurel, Nepaltar                                                                     

Joking with people is one of the traits I have acquired from my father. It enhances my character by making the day of other people. Joking with people makes my day as well as others and this adds a lot to my personality. That’s why my father is great and I wish him happy father’s day.

— Samyak Bajracharya

I feel my father is person who has multiple qualities in him. Firstly I want to greet him keeping my head on his feet. I’m very much impressed by his qualities; he is patient, cooperative, laborious, encouraging & helpful. The trait I have acquired effectively till now in my life from him is patience and being laborious. These two characters largely enhance my life and day-to-day work. Patience encourages to step ahead in spite of nominal achievement. I’m student so I must be laborious, this quality also inspire me to study hard. My labour in study opens door towards golden future. I feel I’m a very lucky person who got father with so much quality.                                                                               

— Kshitij Sitoula, Jhapa

Our Daddy has taught us to become bold and strong. He always encourages us. We are four daughters but he has never discriminated us for being a girl. He always gives us priority. His height and working style are the traits that we have acquired. He is the best father of the world. Daddy we all shall fulfil your dreams.

— Sahara, Subha,

Bibha and Aagya

My father possesses the qualities of patience, perseverance, love and support. Most importantly, he is

generous and kind and

that is what I have acquired from him. Dad, I love and respect you more that you think I do. Happy father’s Day!

— Prakash Sparsa, Jhiljhile, Jhapa

One trait that I have acquired from my father is to remain calm while facing tough times. This has, in someway made me more determined and courageous to face the challenges in life. It has also help me to look at the positive side of things. The other characteristic of my father is that he can get along with everyone. Whether it is an elderly

person or a newly born

infant, it is a women or a man he can be everyone’s friend. Everybody always admires him for this. This

is the trait I’d love to acquire from my father and to

some extent have acquired too. With this trait I feel

that my personality has


— Pranit

The best trait I had found about my father is a disciplined lifestyle. He was a very disciplined person and encouraged all us to follow the same. As a child I rarely appreciated his way of living. Living in a very disciplined manner often

irritated me. But as I grew up I slowly adopted

this habit and found it much more pleasurable, than the one that I had earlier. Over the years I have come to understand the importance of discipline in life and its role in building up my personality. Though my father is not around at present and I cannot express my feelings toward him I am thankful to him for the precious thing that he gave me. I pay my heartfelt tribute to him and pray for the peace of his soul on this Father,s Day .

— Ambika Pandey,


As every child thinks that her father is the best in this whole world I too believe so. There are lots of things that I appreciate about my father but one special characteristic of my father that I have acquired is his determination to complete what he starts. I am also very determined when I am given something to do whether it is getting good marks or to solve any problem. I am thankful that I have this characteristic passed from my father which has made me a better person and will help me to get success in life. 

— Kritima Tamrakar,

Future Stars High School

My father is simple. He is not showy. He always thinks positive about any subject matter. This is the one trait that I have got from my father that will enhance my character. He teaches me to speak politely and to say the truth and to be friendly. I have been following the track directed by my father.  

— Simaran Thapa, Kusunti, Lalitpur

That one trait which I have received from my father is honesty. Honesty is an important character one should have. There is a saying honesty is the best policy. An honest person

never tells a lie and is very obedient to their elders. Any one can trust an honest

person because of their good characters. Honesty helps a person to go further in life. It’s the

same with me also. I have learned to be honest from my father. Being honest has helped me a lot and I want to thank my father for the trait, which I have received from him.

— Ashmita Bhandari, Imadol, Lalitpur