Learning to dance

I still remember my best friend Shelby who I met during my teenage years. We spent most of our time together.

I was not into so-called girlie activities, but she taught me all those. I remember the night when we had a dance party in our high school.

As I didn’t know how to dance, I decided not to go to the party. But Shelby forced me.

Everyone was looking at me with surprise as I hadn’t gone to parties earlier. Shelby grabbed my hands and told me to dance.

I tired to copy her steps but fell down and everyone started laughing. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I ran to the back of our school.

However, Shelby came and hugged me. She told me to follow her every step. She was a perfect dancer and taught me how to dance.

Then she grabbed me by my hands and took me back to the party where we both danced.

I was nervous at first, but when everyone appreciated my dancing I felt relaxed and enjoyed it.

We danced the whole night. It was an amazing night. But it was my last night with Shelby as she was going to South Africa for a few years.

However, we still hope that someday we will dance together just like that night at the school party.