Leona' Harrods fury

Leona Lewis has attacked department store Harrods as ''backwards'' for continuing to stock fur.

Leona Lewis has slammed Harrods for still stocking fur.

The 'I Got You' singer, who is famous for her strong views on vegetarianism, branded the famous department store "backwards" and even admits she turned down the opportunity to open its sale because of her beliefs.

She said: "They did offer me money to open the sale but I said no because they stock fur.

"They're one of the few places that still do it, I just think it's so backwards, it's very evil and cruel. I definitely stand up for what I believe in when it comes to animal rights."

Leona even managed to force BRITS bosses to change the menu at the awards show yesterday (16.02.10) from foie gras to a more vegetarian friendly option by threatening to pull out of appearing.

The 24-year-old songstress added to Smooth Radio: "That's a big misconception I think that a lot of people are like 'she's shy, she's very timid'. Once people get to know me they know that that's actually not true. I am very opinionated. I stand up for what I believe."

Leona made a high-fashion impact at the BRIT awards, straying from her usual long length gowns and opting instead for a silver symmetric William Tempest mini-dress and neon pink shoes.