Let’s fight the bulges


For those of you who love to keep fit the entire year, here is some good news. Hotel Hyatt Regency will be organising aerobic classes for a week. Even better you do not have to spend a penny on those classes. So get into that stay fit mood and reach Hyatt on February 18 and get down to keeping fit business.

“Aerobic week (February 18-24) at Hyatt is an introductory offer to everyone who has a keen interest on modern fitness,”

says Naresh Maharjan, assistant manager club, Hyatt Regency.

Rosy Pun, certified aerobic trainer from FISAF in Singapore, certified personal trainer in both cardio workout and Fit ball workout, will be there to help you lose those few pounds with some amazing aerobic steps. She has trained people at the Gurkha Camp Singapore and Chisel Fitness Centre at Bangalore in India for the past three years. “We would like to share her expertise and professionalism with our health freaks in Kathmandu. That is one big reason why we are introducing this at Hyatt for the first time for our members and for the out guests as well. After a week of the complimentary session, any one who would like to continue can join for aerobic membership but they will have to pay for it,” says Maharjan.

There will be Dynaband workout — total body workout with the help of a stretchable power band, which has been introduced in Nepal for the first time. So people get all geared to work out and have fun at the same time. “Since we have limited entries, willing trainees will be admitted on the first come first serve basis,” adds Maharjan.