Let’s not forget them

Be thankful

Dashain is a major festival of the Nepali people. It is all about tikas, dakshinas, new clothes and colourful kites. Every year we celebrate Dashain by offering pujas to Goddess Durga, visiting our relatives, wearing new clothes, flying kites and having delicious food.

However, this year it’s not the same for all because Mother Nature showed her fury and made thousands homeless. The floods in different parts of our country swept away many lives, houses and property. Thousands will not be able to visit their relatives, instead they will spend their Dashain in camps.

While we eat delicious food, they would be praying for a simple meal. While we are busy decorating our houses and buying gifts, they will be treating their sick loved ones. While we pray to God to give us new clothes, they will be wishing for new hope.

So this Dashain, don’t get frustrated because you did not get what you wanted or asked for. Just think about them first and accept what you are given happily.

Happy Vijaya Dashami.

— Binaya Vaidya, Grade XI, Prasadi Academy

For them

Dashain is here and I can get away from this boring school routine, and be with my family.

Dashain is one of the most important festivals in our country. It is celebrated for 15 days. The most pleasing thing about Dashain is that I can fly kites high in the sky and play on swings. For us children new clothes is a must, which I am going to buy.

The most important day is Dashami, the day of tika. On this day, our elders put tika on us, give us money and bless us wishing for our bright future.

Earlier I used to spend my money buying games and sweets, but this year I am going to donate my money for the flood victims who are not even getting to eat one time a day, let alone celebrate Dashain with good food and clothes. I also want to tell my friends that your small contribution will bring a smile to those people and it will also give you the greatest pleasure in your life.

— Prabin Bhattarai, Budhanilkantha School

Lend a hand

Every year Dashain comes bringing a lot of joy. Children enjoy wearing new clothes, eating sweets, going to their mamas’ homes and the elders remember their childhood looking at the children’s pleasure. The elders bless the young ones and pray for their good fortune.

Dashain used to be a very happy time, but it is not so this year. The natural disasters have destroyed the happiness of many Nepalis. Many in eastern and western Nepal have lost their homes and belongigs, some even their lives. Many are waiting on the banks of rivers waiting for the government helicopter to come and take them away to safe place. Children are roaming naked looking for food. Many are just waiting for the rain to stop.

How can one Nepali eat delicious food, wear new clothes when another is suffering so? If such a thing happens, then there will be no value attached to the unity that Nepalis have. Therefore let’s help our troubled brothers overcome their grief and celebrate the rocking festival with love melody and harmony.

— Bibhu Poudel, A Levels, Malpi Institute