Let’s redefine the nature of our land

Whenever we define Nepal, we include the word “landlocked”. If someone raises queries regarding the reason for Nepal being backward in comparison to other countries, then one

of the answers would certainly be its “landlockedness”.

We still wish our country were located by the Bay of Bengal, the South China Sea or other seas. But this craving can never be fulfilled. Our wishes are limited only to our imagination and words. However, we can do better than curse the geographical location of our country. “A bad workman always blames his tools” but we Nepalis are not such workmen. We believe in our serving hands more than in lip service. Our hands have constructed an indivisible and independent Nepal, our hands have shown the courage of unity, our hands have protected our country when the entire world has been shrunk by colonialism. All this goes to show that we people have the potential to develop our country. Laxmi Prasad Devkota said that Nepal is the eye of the world, the heart of the world from the sense of spirituality and natural beauty. But it is our duty to make Nepal the eye of world in terms of technology and development. We should get our industry, trade and culture to flourish and spread the world over. We Nepalis are not like the frog in a well that knows nothing about the ocean.

So, we should rule the world with our

technology and trade, our industry should be able to compete with multinational companies; our goods should be of international standard. Our industry and goods should not be limited only to the borders of the Himalayas but should expand from Australia to Canada, USA to China and form the desert to the polar region.

If we have shown the world our power of unity, we should show this world our power of science and technology. We should not rely on the thread of cultural, geographical diversity alone but should also build a firm base of technology. Tourists should not be enticed only by our diversities in culture and geography but they should be allured with our diversity in trade, business and science. Finally, our country should be the heart of this world. Nepal should be redefined as a “land linked” country and not only should be confined to the realms of “landlockedness”. — Sailesh Acharya, Class X, The New Summit School