Life skills: Enjoying teenage

As a teenager, you are in that enviable stage where everything is positioned to go your way. You are young, full of energy, you

feel like you are invincible, totally carefree and becoming freer and more independent.

Be healthy

As a teenager you will experience many changes in your body. During this growth spurt, it will do you well to learn to take care of your body. Keep yourself clean and well groomed, eat the right diet and remain physically active. What you do now will lay the foundation for your state of health in the future.

Be wise

Maintain close contact with your parents and older people. As a teen, you will be “chafing at the bit” to be more and more independent. You will also have a thousand and one questions as you enter this new stage of life. This is the time when you actually need the guidance and support of your parents and older people.

Choose your friends

We are social creatures and the need for companionship is most pronounced among teenagers. The need to belong, to be ‘in’ is greatest during these years.

Choosing the right circle of

friends will save you a lot of troubles, heartaches and possibly a life

of deep regret.

Set a high personal standard

It is very rare to find young people who set clear definitions and limits on their personal behavior. Whether it be drugs, crime, premarital sex, pornography, alcohol, smoking etc., many young people just seem to go along with the crowd. There may be temporary thrills and pleasures but the end result is a life of grief and deep regret. Setting the right limits on your behavior will keep you away from these avoidable consequences.