Life skills: Today’s the day

In Turin, Italy, an anonymous citizen wrote the tax office enclosing 10,000 Lira (four or five US dollars) and explained he had cheated on his income tax and it had caused him to lose his appetite. He added, “If my appetite doesn’t improve I’ll send the rest.”

Erma Bombeck has called guilt “the gift that keeps on giving”. And it is, if it isn’t laid to rest. It can keep on giving emotional, physical and spiritual problems for a lifetime. But you needn’t carry it around forever or find a bizarre way to assuage it.

Do you have unresolved guilt? An unnecessary guilt? Over-anxiety and self-loathing about that which can no longer be changed.


In one day you can recognise where your feelings of guilt come from.

In one day you can decide to make necessary amends to those you may have hurt.

In one day you can decide to ask for forgiveness from others.

In one day you can exercise your spiritual power and choose to be at one with God and the universe.

In one day you can decide to be gentler with yourself and allow yourself to experience the healing balm of acceptance.

In one day you can resolve to learn from the past and not repeat your behaviour.

In one day you can choose to do something constructive with that guilt, and then continue every day until it is only a memory.

And best of all, that one day can be today.