Life’s beautiful

Some say life is full of struggles, while others say it is a game. However, this is not absolutely true. Life is a precious gift from God, and as it is God’s gift, we must use it well.

Everything has good side as well as bad. In the same way, life too has a good side and bad.

Each person views life differently. If we think positively, life will be beautiful — there will be freedom and happiness everywhere; however, if we look at life in a negative light, it will seem dreadful, full of struggles and obstacles. So, we need to look at life from both angles.

The world is beautiful, but it us — human beings — living in this beautiful world that have made the world bad. One has to face many obstacles in life and we should do so bravely and courageously. Life is like a burning candle and we need to fulfil our every responsibility before it melts or burns itself out.