Life’s black and white hues


One of the negative impacts of globalisation is definitely the gradual erosion of our traditional life, which often leads many of us to feel alienated in modern society. Then, as if almost inevitably, we long for those things which anchor us to our traditional identity, where we are more at ease.

Going by the photos by Rocky Prajapati in his solo exhibition entitled ‘Enchanting Life with Light’ at the just-opened The Bakery Cafe, Pulchowk one feels this longing to have subconsciously influenced him to capture the traditional people’s life and emotions in the black and white medium.

But why only capture life in black and white? Shares Prajapati, “Through these black and white photos, I wish to show the different colours of life, people’s emotions and the difficult way Nepali people are living.”

However, the use of black and white medium also highlights the photographer’s wish to capture the traditional life in a more ‘unadulterated’ way.

Many of the photos focus on people, whose eyes reflect the pains they silently bear. Among others, people are seen praying, gathering for modest celebrations, asking for alms, and seemingly reflecting on life through their experienced eyes. There is a strange energy embedded in these photos. Few of Prajapati’s photos also show his concern for the deteriorating environment and the busy city life.

The exhibition is curated by Photo Circle, a phographers’ forum, and is on till January 10, 2008. — HNS