Life’s tough competition

Charles Darwin spoke the truth when he talked of ‘struggle for existence’.

We have to struggle from the day of our birth till our death. The iron-gate ‘SLC’ is one of the biggest examinations in a student’s life because it determines one’s future and career. This period maybe full of tension in students’ life, but it might be like a normal exam for the hardworking and brilliant students.

Everyone surely thinks that the stressful period of their life is over once they have passed their SLC but that’s not true. Now what gives them tension is which college to join. There are over 100 colleges to choose from with more than three lakh students trying to get admission and there are hardly 10 to 12 renowned colleges.

There are thousands of students who come to Kathmandu for their studies as everyone deserves to get good education. We all want to get admission in the best colleges but only a few students’ wishes come true.

But if we work very hard and aim at joining the best college, we will definitely be successful. However, whichever college we join, it all depends upon the individual and his/ her dedication towards studies.

There is competition everywhere and we must struggle and labour hard if we want a life of comfort without tensions. So, if we struggle today, then we might secure a better life tomorrow.

— Binaya Vaidya, SLC Batch 2064, AVM