Lifeskills: Life as a burden or privilege

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Is the glass half empty or half full? Here’s one that I have been having some success with lately: Do you approach life and all it contains as a burden or as a privilege? Let’s take a look at how this choice can affect your life.

Life as a burden

A person with the burden view thinks and behaves like this:

•Approaches the daily tasks of life grudgingly.

•Spends much of his time complaining.

•Appreciates just about nothing.

•Is easily overwhelmed and depressed.

•Gives those close to her the impression they are inconveniences in her life.

•Dwells on the past, dislikes the present, dreads the future.

•Believes pessimism/cynicism is a gift.

•Believes if something bad happens it’s fate; if something good happens it’s luck.

•Dwells on the faults of others, which blind her to their strengths.

Life as a privilege

A person with the privilege viewpoint thinks and behaves like this:

•Approaches the daily tasks of life gracefully.

•Instead of complaining, identifies what they don’t like and gets busy changing it.

•Appreciates just about everything, especially the little things in life.

•Sometimes feels stressed or sad, but takes immediate action to change.

•Those close to them get it that they are precious and cherished.

•Learns from the past, enjoys the present, looks forward to the future.

•Knows the gentle art of optimism.

•Knows that they make their own luck.

•Though aware of the faults of others, they chooses to work with their strengths instead.