The Aviator’ takes off with eleven Oscar nods

The film has been nominated for best picture, best directing, best actor, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best original screenplay, achievement in art direction,

achievement in cinematography, achievement in costume design, best film editing and achievement in sound mixing:

Dubby Bhagat


The Aviator’ is not about the American Dream it is about an American visionary who dominated the American scene by starting an airline, conquering Hollywood, romancing the most famous actresses of his day and then tragically dying a demented recluse, haunted by a terror of germs, a paranoia whose billions couldn’t help.

Acted by Leanardo DiCaprio, Howard Hughes comes to life as the Golden Boy of the 20’s and 30’s a man who DiCaprio was fascinated by and hired Micheal Mann to do a movie about. When Mann walked off the film Leaonardo DiCaprio made a deal with one of the most famous directors of our times, Martin Scorsese to do the film.

But it was always DiCaprio who was the driving force behind the film which is now available in town and Uttam at Suwal rushed me a copy the minute it landed. ‘The Aviator’ is a big sprawling epic that is as spectacular as Howard Hughes’ life and many time more colourful.

Said critic Jeff Shannon,…… Scorses’ meticulous attention to art direction and costume design suggests an impassioned pursuit of craftsmanship from a bygone era; every frame seems to glow with gilded detail. And while DiCaprio bears little physical resemblance to Hughes from the film’s 20 year period, he efficiently captures the eccentric millionaire’s golden-boy essence, and his tragic descent into obsessive-compulsive seclusion.

The word ‘compulsive’ sums up the way DiCaprio portrays Howard Hughes who took years to film Hells Angels, (a war film which is said to be Scorsese favorite) and who was determined to make the largest plane, to create an airline and to woo as many actresses as he could. DiCaprio deserves his Best Actor nomination for deftly acting as a sometimes brilliant sometimes demented Howard Hughes. Little touches like a door knob suddenly becoming sinister, food looking evil while DiCaprio reacts to contain his fear, are worthy of earning the actor great accolades. But then Leonardo DiCaprio was obsessed by Howard Hughes he said… It was almost like Greek tragedy that was waiting to be put up on screen. To find a man who was almost like a test case. Give a man everything in the world — Howard Hughes, America’s first billionnaire, the Casanova of his time, aviation hero, movie mogul — and to (have him) ultimately go mad because of microscopic germs just makes for one of the most multidimensional, complex characters I’ve ever come across.

Despite great films such as ‘Mean Streets’, ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘GoodFellas’ Scorsese has not won an Oscar. He said, …They don’t give them out lightly, Alfred Hitchcock did not win one.ÚÚ Says Oscars expert John Harkness… Maybe Martin Scorsese shouldn’t make movies in decade-starting years. In 1980, he made Raging Bull, got nominated as Best Director, and lost to a movie by an actor-turned-director making his first film, Robert Redford. In 1990, he made GoodFellas, was nominated as Best Director, and …lost to Kevin Costner, whose debut won seven Oscars.” But with ‘The Aviator’, Scorsese is on territory he loves; the cinema, its history its magic its world, so he might strike gold this time.

Cate Blanchett is an extraordinary Katherine Hepburn and her Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress is more than well deserved. She said that Scorsese had told her to “…go as far as you want to be like her without prosthetics or cosmetic surgery. But my job isn’t to be a mimic — it is to capture the spirit of the woman. Hepburn was the great love in Howard Hughes’ life and my favourite scene in the picture is the one in which DiCaprio tries to stop her being blackmailed.”

Hughes’ other love is played by Kate Beckinsale whose role as Ava Gardner is phenomenal according to DiCaprio. Of Hughes she said, “He carried an engagement ring around his pocket. That tells you a lot about a person. He had a lot of relationships with various people and was quite attracted to movie stars. And he was prone to grand gestures and very romantic and had a lot of money, so I don’t think there was any shortage.”

Art director, Dante Ferretti was asked to recreate Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in 1934 and he did. Said DiCaprio, “…it would have been more expensive to have closed down Hollywood Boulevard for two days than it was to rebuild the entire set.”

Ferretti also recreated the famous night club The Coconut Grove which was Hughes base of operations in Hollywood. DiCaprio and Scorsese saw it as a time machine to take people through different time periods.

‘The Aviator’ has some fabulous aerial sequences a horrifying, realistic, mind-blowing air crash and some truly great scenes between Hughes and a corrupt Senator. There’s drama, action and adventure in this picture but Hughes life also shows that human ambition and achievement doesn’t always breed happiness. The supporting cast includes Jude Law and Alec Alda who won a nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role as a suave and debonair figure who keeps cropping up in Hughes life.

One critic summed it up best by saying, “The Aviator is easily Scorses’s most accessible film, inviting mainstream popularity without compromising Scorsese’s artistic reputation. As compelling crowd-pleasers go, it’s a class act from start to finish.”

Maureen Leidy:

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