A huge lighting fixture — made of crystal — hanging in an enormous living room or a hotel lobby, thanks to Hollywood and Bollywood movies this how most people visualise chandeliers. This glamorous lighting fixture had a rather modest beginning as they were just a wooden cross with nails to place candles on it. These wooden fixtures were secured in the ceiling by chain.

Although just made of wood, chandeliers were a symbol of status and wealth as lighting were very expensive in the Middle Ages. It was only during the 15th century that the new ornate and complex designs came into existence.

With the arrival of electricity and modern lighting systems, chandeliers started being just a decorative piece-cum-support lights rather than the principle lighting of the room. This new status came as blessing in disguise as more stylish and ornately designed chandeliers came in the market.

Today these glamorous lighting objects come in variety of sizes, styles and materials. Today people mostly prefer chandeliers as a centrepiece to add a little style and glamour to the house and are thus placed either in the living or dinning room.

No doubt with so many options in the market, getting a perfect chandelier to match your style and home décor is no easy task. There are certain basics that have to be taken into consideration while selecting chandeliers.

For dinning room

The smaller ones are a better choice for this room, and the most important thing is that it should not overpower the table and also should not be too small.

While placing chandelier, first measure the table (if it’s round, measure its diameter; if it’s a rectangle, measure its width) and then subtract 12 inches (30 cm) from that number. The ideal calculation is that the chandelier should come within six inches (15 cm) to each edge of the table and also the bottom of the chandelier should be 30 inches (76 cm) above the top of the table.

This measurement is for a room with 8-feet ceiling. If your ceilings are higher than eight feet, raise the chandelier three inches (7.5 cm) for every extra foot (30 cm) of height.

For other rooms

A chandelier should be at the middle of the room and placed higher than eight feet above the floor. While selecting an elaborate chandelier, do take into consideration the ceiling height and area size of the room.

If you want to place it in the foyer and there is a window above the front door, place it at the centre to the window to achieve maximum appeal and aesthetics.

Glamorously handy

Besides the glamour factor, chandeliers also provide different options for lightning. These centerpieces can make both bold as well as elegant statements provided you opt for the right design and also lights. As important as furnishing, lightings can also be adjusted to match your mood as well as purpose. When dimmed light, from chandelier gives a soft glowing and romantic atmosphere somewhat similar to candle light.

In the modern varieties you can also go for chandeliers with down-light which can become task lighting.

With chandelier and its lighting you can make a small room appear open and airy as well as large room appear cosy.

These beautiful classic yet practical objects have come a long way from being just a wooden lighting fixtures to these magnificent multipurpose lights for modern homes.