Lost star Evangeline Lilly is sure that TV stardom will not stop her from taking part in missionary work. According to, Lilly refuses to let the trappings of fame deter her from helping people in poor countries. She says: “I spent a month in Rwanda last summer as a way of bringing myself back down to reality. I was welcomed into the homes of people who were living with their families in cement and dirt holes in walls. But they were smiling and welcoming me. It is about keeping Hollywood in perspective. I never want to believe the world of five-star hotels and chauffeur-driven cars is normal. I think every girl dreams of being a superstar or a model but I grew out of that by 16. By the time I was 18 I did my first mission trip and decided I wanted to give my life over to that.”

Keira walks to Mizrahi’s tunes

LONDON: British actress Keira Knightley is taking the help of fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi for a new film role because she struggles to walk gracefully in her character’s high-heeled shoes. According to, Knightley plays a French merchant’s wife in a dark story called Silk but she needed lessons from the stylist to help her get comfortable with her footwear. Mizrahi says: “I wanted her to put her weight back then walk foot first, foot first, nice and slow. She is so much better already.” — HNS