Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley are to play lesbian lovers in a new movie.

The film is about famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and his wife, Caitlin, and was written by Keira’s mother, Sharman Macdonald. Lindsay revealed to MTV, “Keira is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my lover and there’s somewhat of a lesbian undertone.”

Aside from the erotic storyline, the movie will also focus on a real-life incident in which Keira’s character Vera and her future husband attack the poet’s home with a machine gun and a hand grenade.

Meanwhile, the Pirates of the Caribbean actress has revealed her father told her it was a shame she didn’t have more sex before she became famous. Keira, 21, said, “My father says, ‘I wish this could have happened in five years’ time, you could have been 20 and got really p***ed and slept with loads of people and no-one would have known. That would have been great.’”