Line your lips right

Help! I have a scar on my face, which has given me a complex. Could you tell me how I can cover it with makeup?

— Pratibha

You should use a good cover up camouflage cream such as the Derma blend cover cream. Wash your face and dry the area surrounding the scar. With a fine concealer brush, cover up the scar and the area around it. Your cover up should match your skin tone exactly so that one cannot see the ring around the scar. Set the cover up with a setting powder. Play with the feature that is farthest away from your scar, so that the attention is more on your lips and eyes and not the scar.

My mascara tends to get dry very fast. Why is that?

— Manju

Don’t pump your mascara wand into the mascara container. This pushes air into the container and makes the mascara dry out faster. Gently insert the wand, turn two or three times, and then remove and apply to the lashes.

I always use a dark lip liner and everyone says it looks bad. Do you think so too?

— Kirti

You should never use a lip liner that is darker or lighter than your lips. When the lipstick wears

off, you will be left with a dark ring around your mouth, which will definitely look bad? So use a lip liner that matches your lips.