Load shedding hrs: Family time by default?

First of all, that is not our way of life, to live in the dark. However, since we have no choice, we are forced to adjust with this life without electricity and Star Plus. Children are not able to play videogames, mums are missing serials, adults are not upto date about the happenings around the world. So what can we do?

We might sit down and talk like a family, which we rarely did when we had light, but there is no more stuff to talk about. We might play antaksari, but all songs have been sung already. We can talk on phone for hours, but the bills are too high. We can do our homework, but it’s too dark. We can go out , but wait, there is no light out there too. Besides, it is cold. Hence, there is no adjustment left now, no advice on how to pass your time. Hey wait, why don’t we all think of a more logical solution for this water saving process? After all, we have lots of time.

— Utshav Shrestha, Boston

I had read that life without electricity is hard to imagine in this 21st century but thanks to my motherland and to veteran politicians of this country for changing my imagination into reality. I don’t have to play with dangerous electricity to switch on the lights in my room, I can just light a candle with a matchstick. I am also not facing problems of short-circuiting in my ricecooker as I cook on a stove. Another great advantage is that I don’t have to bear the problems that occur in electronic goods, as nowadays these items have become showpieces in my home. Isn’t it a great time to be free from all electricity borne problems? So, I would like to urge all Nepalis enjoy this time as that how I’m tackling load shedding.

— Sanjeev Khadka, Danchhi-7, Thali

Yes, I agree that increased load shedding hours has made it difficult to survive the winter season and students are the ones worst hit by this scenario. I don’t think Kathmandu is so cold that heaters or ACs are required to pass the winter. Some warm clothes are enough to keep myself going. The main problem is the lighting during load shedding hours which I have tackled by using solar cells. Using solar cells to derive electrical energy is the most sustainable met-hod. The most significant aspect of this method is that it is pollution free and it utilises perpetual natural resource. During load shedding, I suggest everyone to try their best to continue their regular work. If you can’t then try to do something creative. Have a family discussion or read some good books in candlelight because good books enlighten the soul no matter how dark the external environment is.

— Subodh Kumar Bidari, Syuchatar

Load shedding is an inevitable and inseparable tradition for us. We are now getting accustomed to it though we abhor it. Except accepting and adjusting, there’s no other way. Our daily schedule cannot cease because of load shedding so, besides continuing with my daily routine I have included some activities like sports, hanging out with friends, reading books, visiting book stores, libraries and spending peaceful time in museum. Night hours are a bit tedious but it’s great for leisure time and family gathering. I utilise my precious time being busy with something rather than sitting idle and cursing darkness. It would be wise to value time and spend doing some beneficial tasks. And it’s high time to follow the motto, “It’s better to light a small candle than to curse darkness.”

— Rajni Maharjan

Load shedding has become a daily saga. It’s really weird to have a day when there is electricity. It has provided an excuse for a student like me not to study. Moreover, we are not being able to use the net, watch TV, et cetera so we have lots of time be with our family. Further, as winter is here and it gets dark quite early most of the time passes by sleeping. So, cheers to loadshedding.

— Vijayata

During load-shedding, I feel bored as I cannot watch TV or use the computer. But since I am a student I get ample time to read my course books. It helps me to prepare well for my exams. I also get time to do other work during load-shedding such as cook food, learn new things like art and designing. It will be beneficial for the future too.

We can do new things to pass the long-winter days and long-winter nights such as learning yoga, meditation, learning to play games, read different books, instead of sitting idle. At night also we can be involved in our own work and do other interesting things which will help us in the future.

— Sushobhit Pokharel

Load shedding has become a part of our lives. I think nowadays there are not four but five seasons in a year. The fifth one being load shedding. I cannot study as comfortably as before. All 24 hours I carry this burden about load shedding schedule rather than about my books. I am a great fan of music and listen to my walkman almost 18 hours. But that doesn’t solve the problems load shedding has caused. Adjustment is the greatest asset of all Nepalis. So, my suggestion is ‘Adjust without being tortured.’ Enjoy winter by finding alternatives for electricity like inverters. Let’s also pray to God and engineers of Nepal. Oh Pashupatinath please bring light to our homes because we are not ghosts who like to live in darkness.

— Pooja Thaku