Look ma, no stains

KATHMANDU: There are various types of stains that one has to deal with in the kitchen. Then there are those greasy utensils, which require more effort and energy. Until now you must have got rid of the grease by scrubbing forcefully with the metal scrubbers. Well, that is not the only way as there are more easier and efficient ways to make your utensils stain free.

•To lighten your stained/darkened aluminium wares boil two teaspoons of cream of tartar in one quart of water for 10 minutes.

•Mixture of hot water and soda is best for removing greasy and stained dishes and plates. For greasy ones soak them in the mixture while for stained ones soak them overnight in the mixture. Then rub in vinegar moisten cloth dipped in salt. This works for pots and pans as well.

•To remove coffee stains, make tea in the utensils; the tannic acid in tea will remove the coffee stain.

•Pour in lots of salt in ironware and you can easily wipe up both the grease and the salt with paper towels.

•Don’t use soap and water on your sticky omelette pans just pour a small mound of salt in it and scrub it with a paper towel moistened with cooking oil. Wipe it out with a clean paper towel. You can use this on wok as well.

•Soak your stained plastic wares in a gallon of warm water with a cup of bleach for 20 minutes. Wipe dry and then wash normally.

•For those brownish stains on your stainless steel utensils, soak a cloth in full strength ammonia and place it on the stain for at least 30 minutes. Then wash normally. But if you have rainbow like stains, they are permanent.

•Boil a mixture of one cup of water, half cup of bleach and two tablespoons baking soda in your stained Teflon utensils. Then wash in warm suds. Recoat the teflon with oil before using it.