Lopez lullabies to help her daughter sleep

LONDON: Jennifer Lopez whispers to her twins to help them sleep. The 'I'm Real' singer - who gave birth to twins Max and Emme in February 2008 - makes the most of her vocal talents by singing to her children and telling them how special they are at bedtime.

She said: "I sing little lullabies to them to help them go off to sleep some nights. But I like to whisper in their ear and that works even better. I have done that since they were tiny babies. I whisper to them how much I love them."

Jennifer recently revealed motherhood has had a profound impact on her music career and her kids were the inspiration behind several songs on her new album.

The 40-year-old star said: "I worked on music while I was pregnant and while I was at home. You can't help but put not only your kids into it, but to put anything you are going through in your music.

"That's the only thing you can really sing or write is stuff that you know. The more music you make and the more that you get into it and the more you write, the more you realise that's all you can write."