Lopez scared of dark

LONDON: The 'Get Right' singer makes her husband Marc Anthony wait until she's asleep before he is allowed to turn off the lights.

The 40-year-old star - who is renowned for her diva behaviour - explained: "I like the quiet, but I don't like the dark.

"We have everything on dimmers so I kind of trick myself into the darkness. Marc always turns off the lights after he comes to bed. I'm usually sleeping - or he waits till I fall asleep and then turns them off."

Jennifer and Marc have been married for five years and the star is the first to admit their relationship, like any, "takes work".

To help keep the spark alive, Jennifer reads books about successful marriages and relationships.

She said: "I'm constantly trying to figure love out. It's the never-ending question - what is the key to love? I'm old enough to know now that relationships take work. That's it's not an easy thing."

As well as working hard to keep her marriage happy, Jennifer also admits her and Marc's 18-month-old twins, Max and Emme, present their own wonderful challenges.

She told In Style magazine: "There's nothing as huge as giving birth to another human being and having to be responsible for another life. There's you before kids, and there's you after kids - and they're not the same you.

"Parenthood totally changes your perspective on everything. You don't come first anymore. There's somebody else you care more about than yourself."