Lost in alien space 

Aliens are believed to be those beings living in other planets. Mars is one of the planets with the possibility of life.

I was sent there for investigation by NASA, USA. Unfortunately, I was lost there due to my own carelessness. I found no living beings there but that someone was watching me.

In a sudden gust of wind three strange creatures approached me. I could not believe my eyes. They all had three eyes and their faces were glowing. They were speaking in their own language. They came closer and held me. I screamed but there was no living body to hear me.

Then I heard one murmur something. The other said they were willing to make me their friend. I was stunned to hear the creatures speak in English. They then told me they could speak any language spoken on Earth.

I had no other choice but to be their friend. I told them I was lost. They told me not to worry and promised to send me back to Earth.

I heard a loud voice. It was my mother telling me that if I did not get up now, I’d be late for school.