Lost in paradise

The mountains and the rivers, the lake and the sky, the flowers and the meadows, the chirping of the bird and the music of the waters — Don’t all these beauties represent paradise? A paradise where you can gaze at the world’s highest peak, trek to slopes - where a whiff of fresh air and scent of exotic flowers greet you at every step. Nepal is one destination that will fire everyone’s imagination. Once here, some become curious, some get excited, but all men and women become little children and take back wonderful memories for a life time. Nepal is a heady mixture of a unique culture proudly preserved which attract tourists from all over the globe.

Nepal is probably the only country in the world, where you can climb the highest mountain in the world and trek through scenic countryside with snow covered mountains. Sadly, tourists now feel threatened due to Maoist insurgency and the insecurity that has been building up in their psyche. Nepal is a land where you can revitalise your mind, body and soul. It is the most happening travel destination in the world. Therefore to promote our country Nepal as a visitors’ destination, peace should be restored. There should be more flights coming from and flying to other countries, world-class exciting adventure products, special opportunities for sight seeing, food, transportation and accommodation should be available at very reasonable prices. Niranjan Khatiwada, Class 11, KIST College, Kathmandu