Love addict Lily Allen

LOS ANGELS: 'It's Not Fair' singer Lily Allen admits she falls in love easily and enjoys going on dates.

Lily Allen is addicted to falling in love.

The 'Fear' singer - who has been single since splitting from art dealer Jay Jopling in January - becomes smitten with new boyfriends quickly because she adores the early stages of relationships.

She said: "I fall in love easily. It's a big problem for me. I just can't help it, I love flirting, kissing, the whole first date stuff. I'm an all or nothing girl and it gets me into trouble."

Despite Lily's enthusiasm for romance, the 24-year-old singer - who also dated DJ Seb Chew, 32, and Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons, 39 - is often left devastated when the relationships don't last.

She said: "Do I get easily heartbroken? Yes, always, because I throw myself right in. I'm very, very emotional."

Last year, Lily suffered a miscarriage after returning from a romantic break in the Maldives with Ed.

Despite splitting up weeks later, Lily insists the couple are now firm friends and there is no animosity between them.

She said: "We're still friends, everything's cool. Really cool actually, there's nothing bad there at all and he lives just down the road so why not?"

Earlier this month, it was reported Lily is desperately looking for a new boyfriend.

A source said: "Lily hates being single - she needs a man in her life. She feels insecure going to events and hates turning up without a man. She wants someone to hold her hand for all the red carpet events she attends."