Love: 'I'm not suicidal and I'm not on drugs'

LONDON: Rocker Courtney Love has assured fans she's not spiralling into another drug hell, despite reports to the contrary.

As she embarks on her comeback, after losing legal control of her teenage daughter Frances Bean, fans feared the Hole singer would struggle to cope.

And a series of bizarre online rants about her daughter have only served to increase fan's concerns.

But the rocker insists she's clean and sober and has no intention of returning to her drug abuse days.

She tells Spin magazine, "I don't take anything that isn't prescribed to me. Cocaine, narcotics - those would be tantamount to suicide, and I'm not suicidal."

Love has a history of drug abuse and was sentenced to six months in rehab in 2005 after violating probation and then leaving a 28-day treatment program without permission.

Released from house arrest in 2006, she thanked the judge who sentenced her, stating, "I would just like to thank the court for allowing me these 90 days... It helped me deal with a very gnarly drug problem, which is behind me."