Love’s child

He could be the Piped Piper of Nepal though Salil Kanika plays a different wind instrument — the didgeridoo from way Down Under. Weekends for him mean remote places and sharing stories with villagers.

When I think back on my recent journeys that I have made to remote mountain villages, I realise that my weekends are actually spent with the village folk... with grandpas, grannies, children and youth.

My current involvement as a team leader of Doko Radio, which is a mobile radio unit travelling to the most remote parts of Nepal, I am blessed with the time that I get to spend my weekends with people I have never met before in this life, listening to their thoughts, songs and playing my music, and sharing their laughter and concerns.

It is a living moment for me to grow with a conviction that love and happiness is everywhere and not confined to a limited number of people you know through family ties or friendship. It is just how we tune in to the surroundings and situations with humility and an openness to ‘release’ our constricted ego with all the children of the earth, whether they are old, young or just born.

I spend my weekends with the full power of love because love is all we need to give and to receive.